[scribus] Hyphenation

Margaret and George McIntosh tenbear at myfairpoint.net
Mon Mar 29 01:13:39 CEST 2010

I am having a problem with hyphenation in V

Sometimes if I change the hyphenation of the text, the frame goes blank. Usually I can 
get it back by opening story editor and then restoring the text frame. The text is still 
there. Sometimes to get the text back I have to reset the paragraph style. It doesn't 
happen with all the frames, so far only 2 single column frames have shown this. 
AFAIK there is nothing special about these frames. The frames are enclosed by a box, 
as are other frames. I have changed the level and deleted the box with no change. The 
same document in V 1.3.6 seems ok.

This behavior occurs on both my computers, Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64, 
both AMD CPUs.

What could be different about these frames?
Does it merit a bug report since V 1.3.6 seems ok?


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