[scribus] Default paragraphs style.

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 00:07:03 CET 2010

On 03/27/2010 07:04 PM, John Culleton wrote:
> I would like to define a default paragraph style and have a way to apply it
> to every paragraph over a page or a range of pages, without going though
> and clicking them one by one.
> The same default would apply to any new paragraphs created.
> Does this facility already exist? Scribus 1.5.0.

I think you're needing 2 things:

Changing you default paragraph style with File > Document Setup > Tools

beyond that, you seem to be suggesting a need for importing with 
filters. This is the third methods in the video that Tsoots has made:



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