[scribus] intellectual property

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Mar 26 15:17:14 CET 2010

hi clive,
> Andreas wrote:
>> Mailing lists can display many many differnt and even
>> contradicting ideas. I
>> don't know why you think the general Scribus list member
>> dislikes the idea
>> of IP. 
> I admit I may be tarring the general listmember with the same brush, but it was the very agressive way that a few weeks ago a number of list members dealt with a woman whose only crime seemed to be having a rather overlong signature which advertised a service to assess patents. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that a dislike of one particular sort of IP indicated a dislike of other sorts of IP. If I was wrong I apologise.

i was one one of the persons that has criticized the footer and i can 
assure you:

- that i have some (deeper) understanding in economics,

- i have been concerned with "IP" for several years now.

my personal opinion is, that nowadays the IP system gets abused by too 
many people and  while  it still has reasons to exists, too many major 
lobbists are working on making it worse and worse in order to protect 
their existing business.
somehow, i also think that the "commercial" IP system should not come in 
the way of more "social" experiments...

you may also be aware of the fact that it's not a bad idea to avoid 
signatures in your mails to a public forum. if you can't resist, the 
netiquette defines limits to the length of such signatures.
personally, i consider that it's a bad habit to use a signature which 
promotes services which have nothing to do with the goal of the mailing 
list you are posting to (no idea if this has been formalized in the 

finally, my intent was to get her to comply to some basic rules which i 
think are the base for communicating (in my opinion she was breaking too 
many of those rules). i don't know if you think that my mails were 
aggressive, but i assure you that i didn't want to "aggress" her.


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