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On Thursday 25 March 2010 23:06:43 Frank Anderson wrote:
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>      Subject: It says I don't have Ghostscript
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> I downloaded, but I wasn't sure which directory I should put it in.  I
> tried a couple of different things, but it still says I can't use EPS
> Images, or the PostScript Print Preview.  Are these absolutely
> necessary?  Can I print the PDFs I make without these functions?  Can I
> upload them to Lulu etc?
> Should I start over and delete everything, and download it again?  I'm
> usually fairly computer savy but this is stumping me.  I've been trying
> for hours.  I can actually use Scribus, but I want to make sure I can
> take it to a print/copy shop and have things printed and looking good.
> Thanks,
> Frank
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I only use Lulu for review copies. For production I suggest LSI (with 20% 
discount) or Createspace (mandatory 40% discount). With either one you have 
a better chance of selling books, compared to Lulu.  Lulu's prices are too 
high. That "free" setup gets absorbed in a hurry. 
John Culleton
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