[scribus] Scribus-1.3.6 uses up 100% CPU when editing drop caps inline

andreas.speck at tiscali.co.uk andreas.speck at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Mar 23 13:56:01 CET 2010

Hi all,

  I'm using Scribus-1.3.6 on Debian-Squeeze, an AMD64 machine with 8GB 
RAM. I'm working on a book of 156 pages, with several articles of about 
5-10 pages each, but all in one Scribus file (almost no images - it's 
almost text only). It has been no problem so far.

I'm now adding corrections from our proofreader, and I mostly do this 
inline (it would be nice to change font inline - especially the 
italics, bold, etc variants of the same font), in layout view. Again, 
this has been no problem so far. It actually works great.

Today I ran into a problem, and I probably have to kill the Scribus 
process (it's still running while I type). The first paragraph of each 
article uses drop-caps, three lines high. Now, our proofreader changed 
the first word of the paragraph, and I went ahead and tried to delete 
it inline. For more than half'n'hour now Scribus is using 99-100% CPU, 
with memory usage at 4-5%. The article in question is only 3 pages 

Did anyone encounter this before?

Best wishes,

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