[scribus] Foutmelding: UNKNOWN EXCEPTION

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Mar 15 23:44:15 CET 2010

hi sabine,

> I have a magazine, 16 pages. I saved as .sla there is no problem, but
> when I want to save/ export it to PDF, the message UNKNOWN EXCEPTION
> appears and Scribus crash and the program stops.
> How can I export/save my project to PDF?

"file > export > save as pdf" is indeed the right way to go.

one thing you could try to do, is to update to (the final

it's hard to say what is happening without having any details on your
project (.sla file, fonts and images used).
if you don't have to many big images in there, you may try to "file
> collect for output" your project in a new directory, zip the
directory and upload it to http://bugs.scribus.net.
uploading just the .sla file may already help sort it out.
if you mark the bug as private, only the developers will be able to see

finally, you may try to download scribus 1.3.6svn (which will become
1.3.6 in the next few days) and try to open with it a copy of your file.
(you can install both and 1.3.6 on your system, but you can't
open the 1.3.6 files with so you have to pay attention which
files you open with which version!)


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