[scribus] Letter salad on big printer that reads directly from usb

Christoph Bloch christoph at webrahmen.ch
Mon Mar 15 17:12:30 CET 2010

> Arial is one of those "standard" fonts that are best avoided for serious
> work. There can be problems with different versions on the source machine
> versus the printer.  Try Nimbus or  Luxi sans or Helvetica instead.
> --
> John Culleton

> Acrobat Reader shows that the following fonts are *not* embedded: Norasi
> Bolditalic and FreeSansBold. Since you cannot expect these fonts to be
> available on a standard Windows system, AR will replace them with one of
> its
> default PostScript fonts or their OTF equivalents. Please make sure to
> click
> on "Embed All" in the "Font" tab of the PDF export dialog before you
> export
> to PDF.
> Christoph

Thanks to everyone who helped here! It seems to work now, with any kind of
pdf version (1.3, 1.4, 1.5) and /without/ any fonts embedded or with fonts
/outlined/. So I suppose "my" Arial (ttf on linux) was not compatible with
the printer's idea of what Arial should be.

Have a good evening!

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