[scribus] Find a font

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Mar 14 21:57:10 CET 2010

A few months ago I created a 132 page book in Scribus on Jaunty
x86_64. Now I need to make a few revisions. But in the meantime I went
distro shopping and ended up with Fedora 11 x86_64 (Gnome). In the
process I have apparently lost the font "Arial," although I do have MS
Arial Unicode installed. I probably still have the old Arial font
because I installed Fedora on a brand new hard disk; the old Jaunty
hard disk is on the shelf. But it would be a pain to retrieve it
because the computer is a laptop. I'd have to shutdown, swap disks,
boot to Jaunty, put the font on a USB stick, shutdown, swap disks,
reboot to Fedora, install the font.

Now, I don't recall ever using Arial-anything in this document. When I
open the document with on Fedora I get a warning message that
the font is not installed. Apparently the font exists in the document
somewhere, but I'll bet it was just a space somewhere, or defined in a
style that was not actually used or something. I'd like to find
wherever the font Arial exists in the document. If it's trivial I'll
just change it to something else. If it's significant enough to keep
it, then I'll switch to MS Arial Unicode. I just need to be sure the
font change doesn't cause text reflow to mess up the layout.

I tried using Outline to locate the font, but it didn't work as I
expected. That is, I entered "Arial" as a filter, but then none of the
pages had a triangle next to them. If I remove the filter, then all
pages have a triangle so I can see all the elements on that page.
Apparently Outline thinks no pages have an element containing Arial.

I should add that using Find is not a good option. The document
contains at least a hundred different stories. Even if I get lucky and
find it in the very first story that I checked, I still wouldn't know if
it also existed in the other stories.

I also tried Preflight Verifier, but it just reports no problems. (On
opening the document I used the warning message dialog box to switch
the Arial font to MS Arial Unicode.)

Collect for Output also doesn't solve the problem. That is, it will
collect the font, but it won't tell me where it was used.

Have I missed some obvious way to find all instances of where a font is
used in the entire document?

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