[scribus] What's the future of "Display only used colors"?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Mar 14 19:23:58 CET 2010

hi alexandre,

> > With the improvement in the SVG import filter another problem has
> > emerged: after inserting a moderately complex figure, the color
> > palette gets polluted by dozens of very similar colors I will never
> > want to choose.
> Really? Perhaps you forgot to vacuum defs in Inkscape?

just try to insert that image


and tell me if you're interested in seeing all those FromSVG#062a00 to show up in your color list.

> > I wonder if anybody sees a way to filter out those colors (except
> > when i want to see them!)?
> I don't see a possible heuristic way for an application to
> automagically determine which colors a particular user finds offensive

i love all those reds and i don't find any of them offensive.

but they come in the way, when i have to select the colors i do want to use in my document.

one way to avoid the need for a crystall ball, would be to recognize that they have been inserted through an import: would it possible and desirable to flag all the colors inserted that way and give a way to filter them out? 

> :)

may i tell you that you don't need to put a smile at the end of such a mail?


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