[scribus] Scroll Bars

Joe Ward bluegrass_joe at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 13 00:20:38 CET 2010

> When you create a new document, are the scroll bars there?
> Is this on Windows, linux or Mac?

    It's on Windows. I opened the program by double clicking on the .sla 
file. No scroll bars. I found no reference to them in the manual. Since time 
was of essence, I think I panicked a little. I closed the program, went to 
the .exe file for the program itself, loaded it, clicked on "open file" and 
navigated to the .sla file, and it opened with scroll bars visible. I don't 
know what the problem was on the first opening, but since I hadn't opened 
any files since installing the new version of Scribus, I made a snap 
assumption that that had something to do with it, and that I was going to 
have to mess around a bunch to figure out what was wrong, and that it might 
take so long I would be unable to help my friend, who had been good enough 
to take over the newsletter from me. (Lots of stuff going on there.)
    Thanks for responding.

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