[scribus] Letter salad on big printer that reads directly from usb stick

Christoph Bloch christoph at webrahmen.ch
Thu Mar 11 16:13:37 CET 2010

hi, Scribus people

We've made quite voluminous pdf pages (maps with bike routes and
descriptions) that should be printed from a big, copier-like printer. The
pictures print ok, but the texts turn out to be potato salad. I.e. they're
from our alphabet, but not quite in the right order.
Acrobat (linux and windows) and evince (linux) display the pdf fine
(printing was tested from acrobat on windows only). It's just the big
printer that likes salad and makes some for itself because we don't feed
it any.

I believe the pdf is version 1.4, and we used Arial as a font, (exactly in
order to avoid problems with exotic fonts...)

You'd find the pdf here:
(around 6 mb).

I'll play around with pdf versions and fonts, but as the problem is
urgent, I'd be very happy to get some hints. Thank you very much.

Have a good day

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