[scribus] Little red rectangles appearing on calendar text frames

Steven Dayton daytonmeister at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 17:27:25 CET 2010

To answer your questions.

>     |
>     |
>    x|  <-Like there?
> ------
> That means that there is a "text Overflow". In other words, there is
> more text in the text box than the text box can handle. The font is
> too large  or the words too long.

They aren't the text overflow indicators I know what those are. These
are little red thin rectangles that aren't quite in the vertical
middle of the text frame. They don't really get in the way.

> a. What version of Scribus you are using


> b. What operating system

Windows 7

> c. What language you are using


> d. What other selections you have made

After the CalendarWizard creates the calendar those little red
rectangles appear. I have clicked on them but nothing happen out of
the ordinary. In other words the text frame is selected. Maybe they
are nothing and just a funny appearance. The document works fine and
they don't get in the way.

> e. are you able to make the sla file available?

I don't have a site to post the sla file or screen captures to.

> Also what happens when you go to File->Export->Save as PDF

I have made PDFs of pages of the calendar and they come out just fine.


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