[scribus] Scribus & ghostscript 8.71 windows

w m warlewmas at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 00:26:26 CET 2010

I seem to have run up against a wall...
I installed Scribus yesterday, and it wants a ghostscript file called gswin32c.exe. I have installed Ghostscript 8.71  - The filename I downloaded/unzipped is ghostpdl-8.71-win32.zip, which appeared to be the only Windows version in the repository.

It appears Scribus wants a file called gswin32c.exe but that doesn't seem to exist in the version Ghostscript that I have. The two exe files I have are gxps-871.exe and pcl6-871.exe. I've tried pointing it to those in Preferences > External Tools, but it doesn't seem satisfied with either of them.

I've looked everywhere I can think of in the Scribus help both in the software and on the website, and a couple years worth of email list archives and have found nothing about this. I've even tried renaming the two exe files gswin32c.exe & gswin32.exe alternately with no luck. 

Completely stuck. Any help would be quite welcome!

William Lee


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