[scribus] Sribus "save" format stable?

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Fri Jun 25 19:12:31 CEST 2010

On 6/25/10 6:52 PM, Frank Swygert wrote:
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>   Name: Frank Swygert
>   Email Address: farna at att.net
>   Subject: Sribus "save" format stable?
>   Message:
> When will the "save" format stabilize? I've been watching Scribus for
> some time now as a possible successor to PageMaker 6 (didn't like the
> later versions). The one thing that makes me hesitate most is that I
> keep seeing statements like "if you made a document with 1.3.5 you
> won't be able to open it in 1.3.7". I'm not going to load Scribus now,
> use it to make documents (I print a small quarterly magazine) only to
> have to keep multiple copies of Scribus on my computer. Would you
> please stabilize the document format? At a minimum a later version
> should be able to open and convert the last stable version, or write a
> converter and package that with it.

Hi Frank

The format needs to continue to evolve as Scribus does, and in
1.3.5->1.4.0 has hardly changed anyway. However, your statement above is
incorrect, we always plan that the later versions can open the previous
versions.. not sure where the opposite was said..

Sometimes, the methods of rendering things like text have had to change
as things progress when bugs are removed or features added, however the
files should still open ok.


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