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Thu Jun 24 11:47:58 CEST 2010

On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:41:33 +0930, Ray wrote:

> As a newbie to Scribus and Ubuntu, all I want to be able to do in a
> quick & simple manner is to place 2 or 3 photos, with coloured borders
> and adjustable shadows onto a page, with a little text. So far I can put
> the text & photos onto a blank page and even rotate them a bit - but
> making coloured borders & shadows seems to escape me. Properties just
> doesn't seem to cover this action.

For simple coloured borders, select the object and open the properties 
dialog. Go to the 'Line' tab and select the type of line and size. Now go 
to the 'Colours' tab, click on the 'Line' button at the top (icon of a 
pencil drawing a line) and select your preferred colour.

For the shadow, you need to cheat, and you can't do a soft shadow. But if 
you're happy with a hard edged shadow:
1) Copy the object and paste, so that you have a duplicate (it will sit 
directly over the original).
2) Now, with the new object still selected, right click and 'Convert to' 
a polygon.
3) In the properties dialog, under the 'Colours' tab, click on the 'Fill' 
button (icon of bucket) and select the colour for the shadow (do this for 
the Line also).
4) Now offset the shadow the desired amount, then right click and Level > 
Lower until it is under the original object.
5) If you want, you can select both the original object and the shadow 
object and go Item > Group, so that they become a unit.

Stewart H.

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