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Wed Jun 23 22:56:37 CEST 2010

Carole wrote:
> Now, I would like a soft aqua in the oval and then text on top of
> that to set up a page full of ovals and perhaps other type labels as
> well.
> Is there such a book as - Scribus for Dummies??    LOL    I suppose
> you have been asked this before...
> I know this is not a word processor but a page layout program but
> can I not make labels on this worksheet layout?
> I know I need to save the pic I want to use as a .tiff so that when
> it is resized it will not distort.  But, I still am having
> difficulty in this area..

I'm not sure what you mean by "will not distort." TIFF is a raster
format consisting of individual pixels. It WILL distort if resized
beyond a narrow range. The graphics that will not distort are those
in a vector format such as .svg or .eps (unless it's an eps that
includes a raster image).

What is the format of the pic you want to use *before* you save it
as a .tiff? How much resizing will you be doing? With raster
graphics, it's always wise to size the graphic to fit the size it
will be in your printed document, with enough pixels to give you at
least 300 dots per inch OF THE FINISHED SIZE. (Dots per inch is
meaningless without reference to the actual size the graphic will be
printed at.)
--Judy M.

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