[scribus] Inkscape import.

Calcyum contact at calcyum.org
Mon Jun 14 20:47:11 CEST 2010

> I'm not sure that Inkscape exports plain SVG and keeps information on
> ICC profile used in the document. Try Inkscape SVG first. Scribus
> 1.3.x (and 1.5.x) should be able to read information on ICC profile
> from SVG -- some work on this was done last year, from what I
> remember.
Alexandre is right. I would just add that you don't have to bother 
whether your ICC profile is embedded in your SVG file or not, you juste 
have to be sure that it is the same profile in Scribus than in Inkscape.

If you're looking forward to have different profiles in your SVG and in 
your final PDF exported from Scribus, you should consider exporting the 
SVG into PNG from Inkscape. Some printing professionnals will tell you 
this is not "regular" for printing, but PNG is lossless and respect 
profiles, and that's all we want from him.
Don't forget to check out you dpi though.

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