[scribus] how to export two A4 pages for printing A5 folder?

TSH tsh.gmane at miserableoldgit.me.uk
Sun Jun 13 13:22:36 CEST 2010

On Sun, 13 Jun 2010 07:10:16 +0200, Frank Busse wrote:

> For a four-sided A5 folder, I've def'ed a four-page document, page size
> A5, document layout 2-up (German: "Doppelseite").
> However, in the PDF options I desperately searched for a way to export
> pages 4/1 and 2/3 of the document together to one of two A4 pages pages.
> Could anyone out there just advise me of the appropriate FAQ, please?
> ps: I'm currently working with Scribus 1.3.6svn build of 27 Oct. 09
> (German) on Kubuntu Lucid

Here's how I do it on Ubuntu Lucid (you may have to adapt it a little for 

Export the whole thing to PDF as usual

Open it in a PDF viewer, go to File -> Print and choose the 'Print to 
File' option.

Now, under the 'Range' option, choose 'Pages' and enter 4,1 into the box 
(you can enter any pages in any order, separated by a comma).

Now go to the Page Setup tab and set '2' in the 'Pages per side' option.

Set any other options that may be appropriate.

Use the 'Print Preview' button to check how it looks. You can print this 
output directly to your printer, but also Print to File if you want to 
keep or distribute a printer-ready file.

Stewart H.

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