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Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 07:21:13 CEST 2010

I have found the script at the following location to be extremely useful for shrinking PDF files created by Scribus:

I think there is a problem with the Wiki at the moment, so you may not be able to access this link. However, the script is called "compress-newsletter.pl" and if you search for this, you will probably find copies on other sites.

I have found that this generally reduces the size of a PDF file by a factor of ten or more, and I have not been able to detect any visible degradation in the documents that I have printed.

My normal work-flow (in LINUX) is to use this for every document I create with Scribus (except for simple one page documents). The version of the script that I have has one minor flaw: a .meta file is created during the process, which is not deleted within the script so I always do that manually.

My usual work-flow is:
compress-newsletter.pl {FILE}.pdf

This creates a new file: {FILE}.new.pdf

I then do the following:
rm *.meta
        this gets rid of the .meta file. All the other temporary files created during the running of the script are deleted by it.

rm  {FILE}.pdf
mv {FILE}.new.pdf  {FILE}.pdf

In the above, {FILE} is replaced by the actual name of the PDF file.

I am sure someone who is more knowledgeable about writing scripts could easily modify it so that these three steps I do manually could be incorporated into the script.


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