[scribus] Building Booklets with Multivalent

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Jun 2 21:40:08 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 02 June 2010 14:27:43 David Burleigh wrote:
>   Has anyone written a script to automate building booklets with
> Multivalent? It would be so nice just to give it a pdf of single 
> and get a pdf with the right imposition for printing the booklet,
> without having to figure out the page sequence and tediously 
enter the
> page order in the multivalent impose command line... Better 
yet, how
> about a GUI for Multivalent? Right now I'm still doing my 
> with Acrobat Pro and the Quite Imposing plugin, under Windows 
XP in
> VirtualBox.
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You don't have to do everything in Scribus. I use pstools for 
building booklets.  Here is my script for making a 8.5 x 11 booklet 
using 11x 17 paper. Been using it for years. It is called with the 
name of the ps file less the ps suffix. 
psbook $1.ps $1b.ps
echo 'psnup'
psnup -2 -ptabloid -Pletter $1b.ps $1p.ps
echo 'psselect'
psselect -o   $1p.ps $1o.ps
psselect -e -r  $1p.ps $1e.ps
#lpr $1o.ps
#echo 'switch paper'
#read x
#lpr $1e.ps
#rm $1p.ps $1e.ps $1o.ps $1b.ps

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