[scribus] Scribus 1.5.0 svn problems

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 2 16:46:26 CEST 2010


> > When linking text frames I can only link one frame at a time, for
> > the next I have to click the link button again.
> Try Insert->Use sticky tools.

afaik (hmmm) this was a design decision, since the link frame tool, was the only one which was sticky even if "sticky tools" was not checked.

on top of it, now you can find you have an entry "link text frames" in the item menu and a shortut "n" to link frames ("u" to unlink them)

all in all, you shouldn't miss the old behavior (if you do, you can blame it on the guy who asked for that change...)


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