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Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 03:13:36 CEST 2010

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Subject: 	Re: [scribus] Ubunto with Linux 2.6.32-24 Generic
Date: 	Wed, 28 Jul 2010 18:04:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: 	Linda Berke <lucythebaddog at yahoo.com>
To: 	Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com>

I just sent this to another person who tried to help. You guys are just

It won't allow me to d/l the Scribus pkg in the K Menu Software Mgr. I
am wondering if it's because I had so many problems and crashes in the
beginning that my son disabled it. With the newer version, once I got
all the new updates for a newer version of Linux, maybe it's still disabled.

I guess I no longer have the other version of Linux, it's some updated
thing that seems to work really well. At first there were a million
updates then it slowed down. This works far better than the one before
it. Forgot about that part.

In the MEANTIME, I went into my Windows partition and found that MS
Small Business is indeed compatible with XP Pro x64. No problems and I'm
all set. I am now so used to the Linux partition I use it all the time
(but not anymore). For ME it is limited as far as what I personally need
to use. I am already good at Windows Movie Maker and things like that so
why take something lesser?

As I said, Linux is for programmers, UC Santa Cruz Unix students and ppl
who like to find and fix bugs.

Thank you tho and now I'm all set except my old Windows XP hard drive is
only accessible in Linux, ACK. I cut and paste everything into Linux
because this hard drive will die eventually.

I can't believe how many have responded to my dilemma in a very short
period of time. I am impressed and very grateful.

Linda in Santa Cruz, CA

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     On 07/28/2010 05:23 PM, Linda wrote:
      > Submitted on 07/28/2010
      > Submitted by anonymous user: []
      > Submitted values are:
      > Name: Linda
      > Email Address: lucythebaddog at yahoo.com
     </mc/compose?to=lucythebaddog at yahoo.com>
      > Subject: Ubunto with Linux 2.6.32-24 Generic
      > Message:
      > I need a publishing program on my computer. I type in Scribus in
      > Software mgmt K menu, a list of about 5 things pops up but none
     will let
      > me download. "Apply" is not clickable. Various versions 1.3.5,
      > for example. Each one is different. I do not know what to put in
     some of
      > the boxes that go with this e mail such as 32 bit or whatever so
     I left
      > them as they were.
      > Went to Scribus site and downloaded: Put it on
      > desktop, extracted. It created a destination folder on desktop.
      > clicked and there are a million folders with a million files
     inside of
      > each.
      > Read on your Wiki not to try to use the aforementioned version with
      > Ubuntu or Kbuntu. I thought you could uninstall if it even got
      > at all. Cannot find it in the Uninstall option so I can get rid
     of it.
      > My son is a Linux programmer but he is not available to me at
     this time
      > and won't be for awhile to come. I am a Windows XP Home Edition
     user but
      > now have a partition of Windows XP Pro 64x which means I can't even
      > install my old MS Office Small Business in order to get Publisher. I
      > even tried to download MS Office in Linux since Linux actually
     took my
      > old Adobe PhotoShop download disk just fine. But the SB opens up
     a whole
      > bunch of folders and I do not know what to choose.
      > I desperately need a good publishing program. Open Office is kind
     of a
      > piece of junk in my humble opinion. I also think Linux is for 
ppl who
      > like to find and fix bugs, it's not for me but I have no choice.
      > for reading, Linda B.

     A lot of potential answers, Linda, but one thing worth knowing until
     your son is available is that you can download Windows versions that
     will work on either 32-bit or 64-bit XP (Scribus is 32-bit, but it
     works on both).

     So go to the Windows download page on www.scribus.net and that will
     direct you to the Scribus installer for Windows.

     When your son is back, he can set up a repository for your Ubuntu --
     this is the easiest way to get Scribus and keep it up to date.

     Come back with any further problems.


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