[scribus] Qt 4.6

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jul 28 22:38:09 CEST 2010

> As often happens the race to use the very latest libs leaves users
like me in
> the dust. Up to July 7 or so the bleeding edge version of 1.5.0
> compiled
> happily with an earlier Qt. Now I am stuck with the July 7th
> The
> latest 1.3.8 also requires 4.6.
> Are there any Linux distros that include/use Qt 4.6?

Well, the latest Ubuntu does.

However, why don't you download the source and build it yourself. Go
to http://qt.nokia.com/downloads and download Qt libraries 4.6.3 for
Linux/X11(161 MB)

make install

will put it in /usr/local

Read the INSTALL to get it into your PATH

It takes a couple of hours to build on a fast machine


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