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>> >  still there are some ways to get the content from your MS Publisher files
>> >  into Scribus.
>> >
>> >  please read
>> >
>> >  http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Category:FAQ#Microsoft_Publisher
>> >
>> >  for more details.
>> >
> Problem is that those suggestions assume that the person trying to open a
> Publisher file has access to MS Publisher. As a pure Mac OS X/Linux user I
> have no such access but colleagues and customers still send me .PUB files as
> if I am able to process the contents.

There are many websites that now allow you to upload your graphics files 
to be saved in another more usable format. Very useful if you've got 
some of the more

Here is one I found, (though no idea what its like)


Probably best to convert to PDF, or ODT if you want just text.

Kind regards


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