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hi tom,

> I have done my share of compiles and link edits in my day but none
> Hell, I can't even find the location of 1.5svn. I can't ask John how to do
> it because he works in a Unix environment. Can someone direct me to 1.5svn
> and instructions for compiling it in Windows?
if nothing has chanced in the last few months, compiling in windows is hard.

if you really want to give 1.5svn a try, your first step will be to install
a linux distribution as dual boot (as a jon followers, you may directly try
slackware... if you want to follow the scribus team install opensuse... and
if you are a common grazing sheep go for ubuntu).

then read and follow


good luck, you brave guy!
and don't hesitate to come to irc:irc.freenode.net/#scribus if you need some
help for those steps...


Considering that it's been decades--literally--since I did anything at all
in Unix, I will heed your warning. 
1.3.7 does create TIFFs but it is my understanding that I need them to be in
CMYK for that printer. What options must one select to make that happen? The
TIFF I created has "Photometric interpretation RGB" and Ifear that means the
TIFF is RGB rather than CMYK.

Tom Benjey
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Tom Benjey
717-258-9733 voice
717-243-0074 fax
Twitter: @TomBenjey

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