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Sat Jul 10 00:04:08 CEST 2010

you. If someone has any hints how to work around them  or on if/when they'll 
be available, it would be nice. 

We can open "bug/whish reports" for the ones you consider that have a chance 
to be implemented. Most of the issues are related to usability and "working 
speed" according to the users.

Here's part of that issue list:

1 - How can an image be scaled without using its properties window? The 
desired feature would be to scale it using the mouse by dragging one of 
its edges. Can this be done only through "Scale to frame size"?

2 - Can an image be copied from one frame to another? Instead of doing a 
"Get image" again.

3 - Is there a keyboard shortcut to change the font size? And to scale 
an image?

4 -  Is there some way to scale the text frames proportionally with the text 
(as with ctrl+shift) but with the aspect ratio locked ? (useful for change 
sizes without deforming)

5 - Can some sort of style box be created to avoid using the Editor all 
the time?

6 - Can we trigger "Get Picture" via a keyboard shortcut ?

Best Regards,
Gustavo Homem
Angulo S?lido - Tecnologias de Informa??o

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