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Sat Jul 10 00:01:51 CEST 2010

qmake -project
edit the file to add in the translation filename wherever it may be,

You can of course copy the file to another place if you wish to. Editing
the one in the CVS dir you have shouldnt be a problem.

> > I think it would be a good idea if we can auto generate a listing of
> > string counts with number out of date for all the translations. Anyone
> > know how?
> Well if that's all you want, why not just count how many times the ts file 
> equivalent of "fuzzy" occurs in each file?  But to do that you'd need to run 
> lupdate centrally, as I suggested ...

This is under way as I type by Alex O. , I expect I will have this
online tomorrow.

> > Other than that, I firmly believe that people must be downloading CVS to
> > do translation updates because they MUST be testing their translations
> > look/sounds right in a running Scribus after doing the translations.
> Well, in a world where there is only one app to translate, this would be true, 
> but (as with coding) you are usually trying to keep a number of plates 
> spinning :-).  In many cases you already know that the bulk of the 
> translation looks fine, so you are just tidying up the additional strings 
> that have appeared, since they might as well be in the other language as in 
> English.  Testing is certainly necessary, but I personally am not going to 
> download the CVS for each translated app each night and build them just to 
> see if the 3 strings I added yesterday look nice ...

I understand your concern here, although I raise a couple of points.

You really don't need to update the strings daily, or for the most part,
even weekly. Of course doing it more regularly reduces the load of work.
Even if you only translate and test and then submit weekly, would be
more than enough for us.

I would suggest that there are many much less experienced translators
that want Scribus in their language and for many translators we often
have to answer on IRC the question of "Where does this string appear in
the GUI?" or "What does this word mean in this context?". Translations
vary based on context and various people have chosen different words
based on context and you cant see that from within a translation
program, but only within a running application. This is the reason why
people need to be running the CVS or they will be creating .qm files for
areas of the GUI they have never even seen if they are running a release
from over a month ago.

All the best, 


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