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Sat Jul 10 00:01:09 CEST 2010

"One of the challenges with PDF and EPS viewers on Linux, is that Scribus 
creates high end PS level 3 and PDF 1.4, with capabilities beyond most of the 
open source viewers. Some of these features are only supported in commercial 
pre-press or DTP tools. Two plus years of working with Scribus has led me to 
the current conclusion that the following three viewers are the most reliable 
at displaying PS/EPS/PDF created by Scribus:

    * Acrobat Reader 5.0.8+ for Linux - The best and sometimes the only choice 
for PDF viewing. Detailed notes and hints: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    * GSview 4.6+ - with the latest version of Ghostscript available. This 
combination is your best choice for viewing EPS files, PS files and most 
PDFs. In addition, GSview has many other very useful capabilities with 
add-ons like pstoedit and epstool. For more detailed notes and hints: GSview. 
I consider it an essential tool for DTP on Linux.
    * Xpdf 3.00+ - This updated PDF viewer has a new rendering engine and is 
capable of viewing PDF 1.5 files.

If any other PDF or EPS viewer you choose cannot display PDFs from Scribus, 
but they do view properly in Acrobat Reader, file a bug with the upstream 
author. In virtually all cases I have tested, it is a limitation of the 
viewing application. Scribus PDFs are tested daily with specialist pre-press 
software to validate their adherence to the published PDF specifications."



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