[scribus] auto import mass text

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jul 6 07:29:15 CEST 2010

ciao davide,

> > As I understand it a graphic novel is a glorified comic book.
> > In a comic the text is usually hand lettered by the creator.
> > If there are larger amounts of text then the facilities of
> > Scribus should be sufficient by themselves.
> >
> > Can you post a sample page somewhere?
> sure, a demo:
> http://www.cosmogonia.org/cosmogoniA/tmp/195x230_demo5_black.pdf

you can't do it directly with scribus... but you can write a script
which will export all the text and another script which will import it.

this will only work if you have not used advanced formatting in the
frames (looking at the pdf you have sent i hope you only used different
text sizes...)

if you can't find somebody writing the scipt for you, i think i can do
it this evening... but you will have to send me per mail the same part
of your book as a sla to make sure that i meet your needs (i don't need
the images nor the fonts; and i can only make sure that the script
works for the parts i have seen!)


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