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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sun Jul 4 20:09:49 CEST 2010

On Sunday 04 July 2010 10:28:32 Tom wrote:
> I created a PDF for a the cover of a book using Scribus. 
When CreateSpace
> printed that book, the barcode on the back cover (an eps 
file placed there
> when creating the cover in Scribus) was printed in its 
proper place but was
> also overlaid on top of another graphic on the back cover 
and was stretched
> to the height of that image. CreateSpace, when informed 
about the problem,
> made some unknown adjustment and printed the cover as 
expected. They cannot
> or will not tell me what caused the problem. Since this 
has happened twice
> now, I suspect that something in my file is causing the 
problem. One font
> family was not embedded but their pre-flight software 
should have
> identified that. And it doesn't seem like that would have 
caused this kind
> of problem.
> Two questions about creating book covers with Scribus:
> 1.       Exactly how should I created prepress PDFs for 
> 2.       Has anyone successfully created PDFs for Lightning 
Source using
> the Windows version of Scribus?
> Tom Benjey
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For detailed instruction see my e-book listed below. For LSI 
a common strategy is to just leave the bar code rectangle 
blank and let them patch it in. 

I have produced pdf covers that ran without difficulty on 360 
Digital and Lulu. LSI is a bit more difficult  For LSI make sure 
you use pdf x/1-a format and don't use a rich black with 
more than 240% ink coverage. I built my own rich black in 
Scribus. Bar code should  be pure black, not rich black. 

As an alternative, to get around some problems LSI has with 
layers etc. save the file as tiff instead of pdf. Of course you 
still must use CMYK colors throughout. LSI will accept tiff.

I have no idea why Createspace had a problem. I will try 
them next.
John Culleton
Wexford Press
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"
Printable E-book 38 pages $5.95

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