[scribus] how does scribus do justification?

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In a message dated 1/26/10 5:49:01 PM, john at wexfordpress.com writes:

> TeX and InDesign justify a paragraph at a time instead of a line at a 
> time.
> This is the best justification. The famous MSWord gap toothed look is
> eliminated. TeX also optionally allows for tiny adjustment to letter 
> widths
> which is much less noticeable than kerning.  TeX and InDesign also allow 
> for
> optical alignment (also called hanging punctuation) where certain small
> characters are allowed to protrude into the margin thus giving the optical
> illusion of a more solid block of text.

Hello, John,   thanks for the insights.

I have been told that importing a Word doc into InDesign can be a pain, 
with great loss of formating, so although that option might be available 
somewhere, I am discouraged from doing it.

One question:   If justification is on a paragraph by paragraph basis, how 
is it possible that all paragraphs share the same common right margin 
position?   In my simplistic way (read: uninformed) it sounds like each paragraph 
could have a different width???   This is probably not true, but help me!!!! 

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