[scribus] selecting with ease and power

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Tue Jan 26 11:13:39 CET 2010

This week end, I noticed something about selecting :

Selecting Scribus (and oOo and inkscape btw)
requires the selection to surround completely the object(s).
When just a millimeter is missing, the object is not selected.

Imagine you are working on a small area with more than one box.
Some of these boxes do not fit on the screen.
It is not possible to select them.
You first have to scroll, and maybe it is not even possible
to surround ALL of the boxes you want,
so it would first be necessary to zoom to 50% or less for ex
so as to see the whole of all edges of all boxes
and be able to surround them with selection rectangle.
(An alternative when possible (not too many boxes to select),
is to select each box by clicking and shift clicking, but )
alltogether, this produces a "this tool is week" feeling.

With some other DTP tools, ALL boxes
that come across the selection rectangle are selected
even if all sides are not completely inside the rectangle.
Selecting lots of boxes requires just a little rectangle,
giving a comfort and power feeling feedback to the user :-)

I tried to produce this power-user behavior with Scribus,
but with no success :
"alt+/-shift+/-ctrl +rectangle" is just "plain rectangle".



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