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Submitted on 01/26/2010
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     Subject: Large export PDF size
I have document I'm working on (24 pages) to date, and when i did test export  
of the PDF. I was shocked how large it had become so quickly.
5 meg in total.

So I only exported (no errors) the first page into the PDF using the standard  
SCRIBIUS settings.
File size was 216kb.
Now i have 4 SVG's in there that when I exported to PDF (from INKSCAPE) came  
out in a nice 44kb size.
The same graphics are imported into SCRIBIUS as SVG's (using Get Vector).
Then I have 8 text boxes in the document.

Okay - I deleted the 8 text boxes. Output size of the PDF from SCRIBIUS for  
the 1 page is 188kb.
I then delete all 4 SVG vectors.... Output size from SCRIBIUS for the 1 page  
is 138kb.

Its a blank page !! Its 138kb in size.

The goal is for this document for web viewing at the moment, with later going  
into print.
Whats wrong? Is it my settings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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