[scribus] Extrange buGs on Scribus Also in 1.3.5

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 25 23:47:14 CET 2010

> Just to confirm, that i have downloaded 1.3.5 and it happened again. 
> (the odd-select behavior)

i've watched the film and downloaded your .sla

under linux, i could not replicate the problem with 1.3.6svn (the snapshot from the debian repositories) nor with a current 1.5svn.

my tests were made without loading the images (since i don't have them).

in the document:

- there is no layer
- there is no group
- and you seem to be using the current stable version.

it's really strange that you could clearly show the problem, but nobody can replicate it nor understand why it happens!

can you please upload the .sla to the bug tracker and put there also a link to your youtube screencast?

maybe one of the devs can understand what's happening!

i hope that we will be able to sort it out soon...


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