[scribus] Scribus and two screens

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Mon Jan 25 17:11:54 CET 2010

At this moment i'm working on Scribus using my laptop and an extra 22" 
LCD on top of the laptop screen.

I have the screen layout, the same as my physical screens, that is, my 
12" laptop below my 22" monitor.

So i put scribus on my 22" (up) and the rest o programs, open folders, 
image previews, etc.... on the lower screen. (12")

Now... when i close Scribus unplug external monitor and restart Scribus, 
it goes off screen, as if my external (UP) monitor still were connected.
I guess i dont need to clarify that this only happens with scribus and 
absolutely not any other program, i mean Gimp, xnview, media player, 
aimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice... etc...
So i have to go, plug my monitor, activate it and drag Scribus(down) to 
laptop screen.

ALSO... when i do the described actions, i mean, close scribus, unplug 
monitor but also use my laptop for other tasks, or just shut down and 
come back to work next day, i plug my external monitor, start Scribus 
and.... it goes to an imaginary lower screen. I mean, i have my 12" 
laptop below my 22" monitor, so i have nothing under the laptop screen 
(as if i could put a screen on my keyboard).
So, i have to change the screens layout, send my 22" below the 12" one 
to see scribus screen and drag it to my 12" screen... then rearrange my 
screens layout putting the 22" on top so i can start to work again.

I'm using on Windows, and i insist, this behavior does not 
exist with any othe program i use.

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