[scribus] undo of text editing in 1.3.5+

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 25 13:04:28 CET 2010

hi peter,
>> is there anybody who is experiencing any problem when undoing in scribus 1.3.5+?
>> (except for the well known fact that not every action can be undone).
> Well, what I find frustrating is that if I am doing something by
> mistake (that can not be undone) and then tries to undo it, some older
> action gets undone.
> For example I first move a text frame on page 10, then I go to page 5
> and edit text, and accidentily delete some text. Then hitting undo
> will undo my moved frame on page 10 (which I will not notice).

yes, it is annoying, but i think that it should not stop the path to 1.4.

you should be able to redo the wrongly undone task and get back to the 
previous state.

i don't know if it is possible to issue some sort of warning... but i 
think it would be too introusive.

> I think that to help with this the undo should change focus to the
> undone item, so I can see what was undone (becuse it makes more sense
> to see what was undone than to see what was not undone).

well, the problem is, when the undo deletes an element. but i agree, 
that this may be a sensible behaviour for most cases: can you make a 
feature request for it?

personally, i think that if this behaviour can be helpful and is easy 
enought to implement, it may be worth to do it!

further feedback is still welcome!


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