[scribus] Extrange bus on Scribus.

Richard Acosta eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Sun Jan 24 21:56:17 CET 2010

I have made a catalog on 2007 and had this issues, but now, almost 3 
years after i tought Scribus was more a "grown up" project.

Is not dangerous, but is really annoying, and makes me lose some time.

In the following image, you can se a white half, that's the page of my 
catalog and on a side i have several images that i am re-arranging outside.
When i select more than 1 image on the page, scribus automatically 
selects all images at the same level.... you can see the selection is 
two reels and a text frame, while i only selected 1 reel and the text 
frame next to it. If i select only one image by click and draw a square, 
the issue does not happen, neither by click+ctrl.

In the next image, there is the text editor, some times style column and 
text column got desynced, and is more than dificult to guess which line 
you select, because even if you count line by line, it turns that under 
de "drawin" is other style.
On 2007 the only way to solve this was to close down scribus (and lose 
text changes, otherwise, text was erased completely), now, some days 
ago, i started to refresh and close text editor (without saving 
changes), and after about 6 or 7 times, everything come to normal.

Thanks in advance.

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