[scribus] undo of text editing in 1.3.5+

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Jan 24 20:13:56 CET 2010

buona sera,

in scribus 1.4 there won't probably be any undo functionality for text editing. but undoing shouldn't lead to any issue.

since i have experienced in the past several corruptions of file when using undo after having edited (or formatted) some text, i have opened the following bug report:


now, i had the time for a longer testing session and i could observe that the problem seems to be fixed: YEAH! thanks to the devs!

(well, i did experience a small problem, but at least it didn't corrupt the file!)

and now my question to the list:

is there anybody who is experiencing any problem when undoing in scribus 1.3.5+?
(except for the well known fact that not every action can be undone).

you're welcome to add your feedback to the bug mentioned above.

have a nice start to the week

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