[scribus] Reducing PDF file size

Ian Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Sat Jan 23 13:03:11 CET 2010

Hi Peter

I have just started using Scribus and love it!!! Have put out my first 
publication using this this January and am rather pleased with what I 
have done, but still learning!! For the past 5 years I was just using OO 

My one complaint is the size of the PDF file - 5.5Mb in my case for a 25 
page publication.

I just joined the List and found your discussion with Greg on this 
subject. I had found and tried the command line method to convert to PS 
and then back to PDF. The PS file came in at 20Mb but the new PDF file 
is 136Mb and takes about a minute to open each page. Reading your advise 
I tried Acroread but no difference.

So I tried your 'full' method - open original in Acroread and print to 
file. That works but when I run the conversion command it takes a while 
to exit and gives me just ONE blank page!!!!!

Any thoughts on this.... all I need is to reduce the file size by about 
half - otherwise the graphics suffer!!

Your help would be appreciated.


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