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On 01/12/2010 03:15 PM, OM wrote:
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> Subject: [Contact Us] SCRIBUS AND LINKS
> Alex Gale sent a message using the contact form at http://www.scribus.net/?q=contact.
> I am creating an electronic report to be emailed out to people - I want to be
> abel to 'hot wire' links ie to web sites so subscribers can click on the link
> and go directly to it - how do I do this? I have scribus
This is one of those secretive things that, if documented, can only be 
found in some obscure place, and requires knowledge of the handshakes 
required for entry. Nonetheless, having a sense of play, determination, 
and plenty of free time, some of these kinds of things can be 
spontaneously discovered. Just be sure to make some personal 
documentation, something along the lines of dropping bread crumbs along 
the way.

One path to enlightenment on this issue will come from creating a text 
frame of arbitrary size and of arbitrary content, realizing that a 
default text frame with no content may be difficult to locate on the 
page. Right-click on the frame, bringing up the Context menu (feel free 
to right-click on things in Scribus, since this often produces 
interesting discoveries, and rarely if ever of itself causes anything 
bad to happen). From the Context menu, choose PDF 'Is PDF Annotation', 
and then choose 'Annotation Properties'.

If this by itself doesn't produce some "AHA!" moment, click on the drop 
down list that says 'Text', and you will see choices of Text, Link, 
External Link, and External Web-Link. If you click the last one, a 
dialog appears to enter your URL. Once you create your PDF, the user 
must be viewing it in an environment/application that will allow linking 
to the target.

Let us know if this doesn't work for you.


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