[scribus] No page appears - need help urgently!

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jan 5 07:18:04 CET 2010

hi alexa

> I'm completely new to Scribus and I can't work out why I can't see
> the page I'm working on at all. If I create, for instance, an A4 page
> the dark grey background is replaced by a lighter grey one and rulers
> appear but no white page. I can create text boxes but when I add text
> to them it appears in print preview but not on my screen. I think
> there must be something very simple and painfully obvious that I'm
> doing wrong but I just can't work out what! At the bottom of my
> screen there's a drop down menu and the only option is
> 'background'...should there be another option there?

are you using windows?
if yes and if you have custom theme for windows xp, please try to use
the standard one...


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