[scribus] Scribus and Greek Polytonic Text

Bob Allison rallison at bates.edu
Sat Jan 2 19:55:14 CET 2010

I am attempting to use Scribus (on Mac OS 10.6.2) to present texts 
composed in MS Word in polytonic Greek. While the editing screen shows 
the Greek glyphs in correct relationship to accents and breathings, the 
text appears incorrectly in the text frame, with letters overwriting the 
diacriticals.  When I export to generate a PDF, the same errors 
persist.  What is the solution?

Related question: does the PDF generated by Scribus embed the fonts?  
When I view these documents on a different computer, the font appears to 
be a generic Greek font, not the one in which the document was written.

Bob Allison

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