[scribus] A small improvement !

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I agree! Happy New Year!

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Subject: [scribus] A small improvement !
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As the subject says, this is a very tiny suggestion :

When we open scribus 1.5.0, we get a New Document Dialog, which enable the
user to select either a *New Document* or *New From Template* or *Open
Existing Document *or *Open Recent Document. *But even if we switch the
tabs, the title of dialog shows "New Document".  Ref:See the image here:

My Suggestion is that it'd be more meaningful if we make the Dialog Window
Title Dynamic, i.e. changing according to the currently selected tab. I'd
like to hear suggestions on this, so that I can change the title to
something other.

I don't know whether this is so important or not, please ignore the mail if
this is stupid :)

Jain Basil Aliyas

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