[scribus] Column break followed by change of style

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Sun Feb 28 07:04:10 CET 2010

> However there is a bug in the behaviour of the column break. We don?t expect
> this break to introduce a blank line on top of the next column. This makes
> the column break unusable in many cases.

I haven't looked at the bug reports but the problem I have experienced
is that "Distance before" (or maybe it is "Distance after" is treated
differently in the beginning of the frame than after a column break.

If I let the text flow normally into the second column everything
looks fine, but it I insert a column break to take care of a
widow/orphan I suddenly get extra space. I solved it by instead
inserting an empty paragraph (so the text flowed normally into the
second column), but that is IMO the "typewriter way".


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