[scribus] right left justification not working

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Feb 26 22:15:57 CET 2010

dear madam apfel,

> I need your help!  Can you tell me why, when I set the style for 
> right/left justify, the right justify isn't quite right?  Please see 
> the text box "when when expert is not enough". 
> I am desperate!  Thanks. 

i succeeded in downloading your file and after more than half an hour of tries i've found out that your are making one of the most damned stupid errors one could do when trying to align some text.

now, i'm really irritated by your footer and by your publicity for patents on this list (you know that scribus had to drop some features because big companies threatened with some probably invalid patents?)

i will give you a little bit of goodwill: if you manage to send a normal mail to this list, with a salutation at the beginning, a well formulated question in the middle and some greetings followed by your name at the end, i will tell you where the problem is. ah, and don't forget to turn off your obnoxious footer.


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