[scribus] Current doc filename from scripter?

Tom Lechner lechner at aceweb.com
Tue Feb 23 15:55:56 CET 2010

A couple scripting questions..

1. I was wondering if there is any way to retrieve the current document 
file name from within a script? I am writing a script to save a 
document somewhere, modify it externally (with a system() call), then 
load that document.

I'd like to keep both the original document and the modified document 
open afterwards, but when I "save as" the current document, it clobbers 
the original name; I can't "save a copy".

2. Also, if a script has error messages or warnings, how can I get 
those to display in Scribus, rather than only on the console? Python 
exceptions get displayed, but not sure how to get my own messages back 
to Scribus. Do I have to throw my own exceptions? I've just been trying 
to "print".

The script at the moment is this:
which calls my program Laidout to reimpose a Scribus document into 
whatever imposition Laidout can handle, including booklets.

There are still serious deficiencies in haw Laidout handles Scribus 
files, but most of the data it imports, it can export, even if Laidout 
can't understand it. I'm working on it. Don't even think about using it 
on something important. It is experimental.

-Tom Lechner

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