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Niko Genimakis ngenimakis at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 00:01:33 CET 2010

Submitted on 02/23/2010
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     Name: Niko Genimakis
     Email Address: ngenimakis at gmail.com
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     Version: 1.3.5
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     Type: Linux
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     Subject: Scribus, XeTeX and OpenType
Hello there,

Certainly amazed by the new TeX frames-feature, I've been tinkering with  
XeTeX, Scribus and OpenType for a little while, producing some results which  
I consider interesting. I've written a small tutorial, which also doubles as  
a feature request for the further development of TeX frames.

Your feedback is most welcome: http://bit.ly/aEMip5

Niko Genimakis

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