[scribus] Retaining italics when applying styles

David Burleigh david.burleigh at gmx.com
Sun Feb 21 02:16:58 CET 2010

Here is the procedure I'm following: I export a .odt document to .html
format, so as to preserve the footnotes. Then I import this .html
document into a text frame. It then appears in the text frame with font
Ariel, and retains any italics that was used in the original .odt
document. Then I apply the paragraph styles that I want to use for my
layout, which use a different font, say Goudy Old Style, and the italics
(or underlining, or superscripts, etc.) disappear. Isn't there a way to
apply styles without losing these embedded renditions? It is very
tedious to have to go over the text and re-italicize the words that were
originally in italics.

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