[scribus] Scribus "die" opening file that contains multiple PS/EPS graphics. Bug of win32 version?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Feb 19 17:55:43 CET 2010


>> I've found this problem on scribus version, and
>> 1.3.6svn under windows.
>> I made e file contains multiple image fame PS/EPS/PDF.
>> Save it... close scribus.... reopen scribus.... reopen saved file....
>> Scribus progress bar goes slowly until a value (sometimes 20%, others
>> 60%, oters 90%)
>> and stop to increase his value. Scribus take 50% of cpu but don't do
>> nothing...
>> I try to wait 24 hours.....
>> It seams that scribus invoke ghostscript (V 8.70), ghostscript die and
>> scribus wait infinitely
>> for ghostscript data.
>> If file has some image frames contains PS/EPS/PDF graphics I need to
>> kill and reopen
>> scribus 2/3 times before be able to reopen file. If file has many image
>> frames with ps data
>> I can't reopen file anymore.
>> Same files reopenend on scribus on linux works fine....
>> I think this is a bus in win32 porting of scribus.
> PS files can be huge, and older versions of Scribus just couldn't 
> handle it on a practical level.

this does not explain why under linux it works but not under windows...

on the one side, it looks like a ghostscript bug, but scribus should 
handle it in a more gracious way...

just my 2 cents...


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