[scribus] Kind person who can help

Rich richard.bosek at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 14 15:16:27 CET 2010

On Sun, 2010-02-14 at 08:59 +1100, Owen wrote:

> You don't give enough information for your intention, a perpetual
> calendar perhaps?

What do you mean by perpetual ? 
Sorry - english is my second language

> Do you want 366 single sided A5 pages, Jan 1->Dec 31

Yes. Well - to have it in nice format I want to have 2 days printed on
A4 paper, which after cutting will give A5 format. 
All days. Actually January is gone so it can start on Feb or even March.
Printed both sides.

> Do you want double sided (183 pages)

Yes. That's the issue because days needs to follow - one after another
after everything will be printed and bonded together. So there needs to
be special order of days on page A4. After cutting I need to be able to
put it together.

> And what information do you want on each page (Day and Month?)

I need 50% space from top for meetings and objectives. There are going
to be hours from 06:00 until 22:00 on left. and on right side

Under it remaining 50% of space will be separated in half (25% and 25%)
and there are going to be two more panels. 

|         |
|    |    |

On top of page day, month, year. that will take max 5% rectangle

> Scripting is probably out of the question for you, though I suspect it
> would be a useful script if written

I was wondering if there will be a chance to write a script which will
allow me to put pages in order for print. Everything else I can design
as I have some small experience with Photoshop, Gimp, inkscape...

> Another approach would be to have a two fold publication. Sun and Wed
> one side, Mon Tue the other (second sheet Thu Blank, Fri Sat) and just
> fold, then bind or guillotine.

Yes. I was thinking of something like that as well. Probably 7 days (not
even) will be hard to match on page cut in 2 (even).
Saturday and Sunday can go on one page half half like in many calendars
on the market. That will solve problem

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